Good bagels, only with us. Welcome to Little dipper

People often think of bagels as a breakfast food, but we have made it our mission to show that they are also great for lunch, dinner and even dessert (think: dipped in chocolate).

Every day we serve The Best Bagels in New York. Whether you are looking for a plain old bagel or want some variety, we have the perfect sandwich to satisfy your cravings!

Little dipper is the best quick service in town, if you’re looking for a bagel. It’s the perfect place to grab a quick bite before work or to indulge in a family meal. The bagels are great – some of the best in town – and they are made with love.

The Little dipper is open from 6am every day of the week, until evening lunchtime each day. It offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for its customers with an extensive menu that includes breakfast items such as omelettes and pancakes, salads and sandwiches, healthy items like grilled avocado on organic quinoa toast.

We are a family owned and originally from New York Bagel bakery. Our mission is to make bagels you only find in our native NYC.

Little Dipper serves up fresh bagels and pastries, iced coffee and more for your favorite breakfast or brunch destination in the city’s Northwest Quadrant.

The owners of Little dipper take great pride in offering their customers a taste of authentic New York City somewhere close to home. Read on to find out what makes us so special.

We offer our own unique twist on an old classic – the Jewish deli sandwich that is served on a bagel with cream cheese, salmon or lox, red onion, sweet pepper, capers, tomatoes and hot sauce

Little dipper has been around for decades and has been providing the best bagels in the city.

They offer a great selection of bagels, a family-friendly atmosphere, and try their best to meet every customer’s needs.

Two things we can agree on: bagels are delicious and our family is the best.

We want to pass both of these on to you, by providing you with the best bagels in town. With lots of options for customizable sandwiches and toppings, you can make your own perfect bagels in Little dipper.

Little Dipper Bagels is a family run business that has been active in Durham since 1974. The owners, Jerry and Debbie Good, have been running the business for more than 40 years and are seen as pillars of the community.

Jerry Good said that “a bagel is not just a breakfast food; it’s a celebration of family and community.” Little Dipper Bagels has become so popular in North Carolina that Jerry now operates two stores.

A family-owned bagel shop in New York City with a love for their heritage and for the community.

“Good bagels, only with us.” That is what greets visitors to Little dipper in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a family owned and operated bagel shop. With an emphasis on quality and authenticity, Little dipper has been serving New Yorkers since 1910.

This small business has been able to survive through the decades thanks to its focus on customer service as well as its own family’s commitment to providing fresh, wholesome food at a fair price.

You know what it’s like when you’re hungry and you need to find a quick and easy place for a meal. You know the places that will have just what you need, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner – Little dipper.

Little dipper is a family-friendly restaurant serving up healthy food in a cool setting. Serving up fresh food such as sandwiches and salads made from scratch daily with an emphasis on quality is their top priority.

The Little Dipper is a family restaurant located in Manhattan and has been serving up some of the freshest bagels since 1954.

The Little Dipper offers freshly made bagels that can be ordered warm and toasted or dry, which have just the right amount of crust. Topped off with some sweet cream cheese or a classic potato latke you can’t go wrong with any choice.

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